Hussain al Nowais Has a Few Tip for Finding Cheap Airfare

Air Travel Expenses


If you have ever had an issue trying to find airfare that didn’t cause you to take out a second mortgage, Hussain al Nowias understands exactly what you’re going through. Even if you are very adamant about find the best possible price, sometimes it does depend a lot on luck. However, there are things you can do to help yourself. You have to check out a bunch of different sites, change the dates, and check often to find the perfect price for your airfare. As someone who is always looking to find cheap airfare, Hussain al Nowais has said you should try the following tips to save big.

Buy Early or Try Buying Late: Most travel experts would tell you that you should book your ticket as early as possible so you can get a better price. This is generally true and you should try to book your ticket around six weeks out. However, if you are thinking about a last minute trip, it is often possible to find cheaper tickets. You see, if a flight can fill a flight, it is just losing money, so it may offer cheaper tickets to at least make some money on the flight. Hussain al Nowais encourages you to look up various last minute booking sites to find a deal.

Consider being Flexible: For some people this might be impossible. But if you can take a flight from an airport a little further away or can extend your trip by a day or two to save a lot of dough, you should consider doing that. Often, just by changing the date by a day or choosing a different airport, you might be able to save hundreds.

Take Advantage of Different Promotions: If you love to travel, Hussain al Nowais would absolutely encourage you to join a frequent fliers program or get a credit cards that offers air miles as a reward for using the card. You’d be amazed by how quickly the miles can add up. However, redeeming flier miles can be a little complicated, so read reviews to find programs that actually work.

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