Hussain al Nowais Explains What Turbulence Is

hussain al nowais


Just yesterday, Hussain al Nowais was flying to Philadelphia from the West Coast. As you probably know if you live on the East Coast or follow the news, Philadelphia and other cities on the East Coast experienced a rather significant storm that is still going on right now. As of right now, more than 10 inches have fallen in Philadelphia and more is yet to come.

Yesterday, Philadelphia was hit with winds and sleet that made travel very difficult. Hussain al Nowais had a flight that was set to land around 7:30. Although the initial part of the trip was not bumpy at all, the descent into Philadelphia. This bumpiness is otherwise known as turbulence.

Hussain al Nowais says that it is a disturbance in air. You have gone swimming in the ocean before, right? You most likely have experienced waves. Turbulence can be compared to waves in the air. While they can be scary, nobody has ever died or a plane crashed from turbulence.

So what causes turbulence in the first place? There are actually a few different factors that could potentially cause turbulence. The first is terrain which could cause pressure to go from high to low very quickly. Another factor, which is what Hussain al Nowais dealt with on his descent to Philadelphia was heavy winds.

When at a higher altitude, a jet stream can cause turbulence. Finally, a ship’s wave vortex could cause turbulence. Think of it like this. A big plane will cause bigger waves in the air than a smaller one, so a bigger plane is more likely to be at risk of this particular factor.

If you are on an airplane and experience turbulence, Hussain al Nowais wants you to know that it is a common part of flying and it won’t hurt you. While it can seem scary, it’s nothing to worry about. Just remember that air plane crashes are extremely rare, so sit back, relax, and eat some overpriced peanuts.

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