Hussain al Nowais wants you to understand that traveling by air is very safe. You much more likely to die in a car crash than you would in an airplane crash. Airplane crashes are extremely rare as the airlines wouldn’t be in business if they didn’t prioritize safety.

But Hussain al Nowais also understands that flying in an airplane can be stressful even if you know it’s safe. Sure, airplane flights are safe, but what if your flight is the one that goes down? If you are prone to anxiety and have to take a flight, Hussain al Nowais says you should try the following things:

Distract Yourself: If you don’t have to think about the flight, you’ll be less likely to start panicking. Before you go to the airport, you should make sure you have brought some form of entertainment or work with you. You can listen to a podcast, watch a movie on your laptop, read a book, or do some work. Just keep your mind occupied so you won’t have to worry about being 20,000 feet in the air.

Remind Yourself of the Facts: You are a pragmatic person, right? Just consider the following: you have a one in three million chance of dying in the air. Let that set in for a minute. You could fly every day, and you wouldn’t fly three million flights in one hundred lifetimes. Although flying can be scary, you should know the statistics say that flying is very safe. Remind yourself of that if you begin to panic.

Don’t Get Hammered or Take in Other Substances: There’s a reason why there are bars in every airport. People drink to take the edge off. Yes, drinking can help in the short-term, but it could make you feel sick, which you don’t want to feel in the air. In addition to that, if you’re drunk and land, you might have trouble finding your bags and your ride. Coffee and nicotine increase anxiety so Hussain al Nowais would encourage you to avoid them if you can. Opt for water, decaffeinated tea, or juice to stay hydrated.


Hussain al Nowais Has a Few Tip for Finding Cheap Airfare

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If you have ever had an issue trying to find airfare that didn’t cause you to take out a second mortgage, Hussain al Nowias understands exactly what you’re going through. Even if you are very adamant about find the best possible price, sometimes it does depend a lot on luck. However, there are things you can do to help yourself. You have to check out a bunch of different sites, change the dates, and check often to find the perfect price for your airfare. As someone who is always looking to find cheap airfare, Hussain al Nowais has said you should try the following tips to save big.

Buy Early or Try Buying Late: Most travel experts would tell you that you should book your ticket as early as possible so you can get a better price. This is generally true and you should try to book your ticket around six weeks out. However, if you are thinking about a last minute trip, it is often possible to find cheaper tickets. You see, if a flight can fill a flight, it is just losing money, so it may offer cheaper tickets to at least make some money on the flight. Hussain al Nowais encourages you to look up various last minute booking sites to find a deal.

Consider being Flexible: For some people this might be impossible. But if you can take a flight from an airport a little further away or can extend your trip by a day or two to save a lot of dough, you should consider doing that. Often, just by changing the date by a day or choosing a different airport, you might be able to save hundreds.

Take Advantage of Different Promotions: If you love to travel, Hussain al Nowais would absolutely encourage you to join a frequent fliers program or get a credit cards that offers air miles as a reward for using the card. You’d be amazed by how quickly the miles can add up. However, redeeming flier miles can be a little complicated, so read reviews to find programs that actually work.

Hussain al Nowais Says You Should Take a Vacation

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Did you have leftover vacation days this year that you didn’t use. Hussain al Nowais says you should make 2018 the year you use all of your vacation days. While you might be tempted to forgo taking your vacation days so you can focus on work, this is really actually a bad idea.

Hussain al Nowais always tries to take one vacation every year just so he can decompress and refocus. If you are considering whether or not to take a vacation this year, here are a few reasons why you should:

You Will Have a Chance to Experience Something New: If you spend all of your time doing the same things, you will never experience anything new. Travel broadens your horizons and allows you to meet new people, see new sights, and eat new foods. It will make you a better and more rounded person.

You Will Get a Chance to Relax: Hussain al Nowais doesn’t have to tell you that being stressed is not good for your health. When was the last time you were angry or anguished? How did you feel? Did you feel weak or out of breath? Those are not signs of good health.  Chronic stress increases your risk of having all kinds of horrible conditions. You are more likely to die if you are constantly stressed. Hussain al Nowais says you should take a vacation for your health.

You Will Do a Better Job at Work: Want to know another reason why you should take a vacation and use your time? You will actually do a better job at work. When you are overworked, your performance struggles. Have you ever tried cramming for an exam or working an all-nighter before? Chances are as the hours went by, the work got worse. This is no accident. When you relax on a vacation, you’ll come back to work with your batteries recharged and ready to work.

You Will Make Lasting Memories: Do you remember the last big purchase you made? Probably not. That one amazing vacation to the Caribbean though? That you probably remember. The science points to the fact that people value memories over things. By going on vacation, you’ll be happier and create new memories you can cherish.